Essential Dentistry for Vets

Essential Dentistry for Vets

Theory sessions include:

  • Detailed oral and dental examination techniques
  • Local and regional anaesthesia
  • Fundamentals of dental radiography
  • Basics of oral surgery - part I
  • Basics of oral surgery - part II

Practical sessions include:

  • Periodontal exam, charting, and treatment
  • Local and regional anaesthesia
  • Dental x-rays: technique and interpretation
  • Single-rooted tooth extractions
  • Multi-rooted tooth extractions

Event Information

Event Date 10-08-2021
Event End Date 11-08-2021
Cut off date 10-08-2021
Individual Price £600.00
Speaker Ingrid Tundo
Location Im3


Ingrid Tundo

Veterinary Surgeon

Ingrid graduated from Milan University in 2014. Moved to Swindon (UK) in 2017 and she joined the Eastcott Referral Dentistry team where she started her full-time residency program under the supervision of Peter Southerden. She is especially interested in oral, maxillo-facial surgery, endodontics, and advance imaging of the head. At the moment she is working as a lecturer at the University of Edinburgh, and she is head of the Dentistry and Oral Surgery Department. Ingrid has a dog called Miso and a Whippet called Bagel.

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