BVDA Practical Course

BVDA practical course @ IM3 Duleek near dublin

Practical Extractions in Dogs

Where – IM3’s ACE Facility, Dublin, Ireland 

When – 23rd and 24th February 2024 

Cost – £950 (£800 for BVDA members) 


Join us for the first in-person course of 2024, where we will learn all about performing dental extractions in dogs! This course is specifically aimed at general practitioners wanting to improve their dental skills, whether they are just starting out or have some prior experience already. 

The lectures will cover at least the following topics: 

  • Oral anatomy 
  • Examination and charting 
  • Common oral pathology 
  • Radiography positioning 
  • Extraction of single and multi-rooted teeth 
  • Flap design and creation 
  • Dealing with complications 

A significant portion of the course is set aside for practical sessions, including the following: 

  • Radiography positioning and interpretation 
  • Single rooted teeth extractions 
  • Multi-rooted teeth extractions 
  • Canine teeth extractions 
  • Local nerve blocks 

You can take full advantage of the Friday/Saturday meet and enjoy the Sunday in Dublin! 

Cost includes – Hotel accommodation for the night of February 22nd and 23rd, transfer from the hotel to the IM3 training facility, breakfasts and lunches, group pub dinner on the 23rd

Cost excludes – Flights and airport transfers


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