Vetsurgeon Website Link

As well as our Facebook page we also have links with If you are not already a member of then please do register. BVDA now has its own forum via this website enabling members to interact, ask about cases or post photos and stay updated with current BVDA initiatives. In the latter part of this year we will be adding information pages for vets covering topics such as instrumentation, ergonomics, extraction techniques. Whilst only BVDA members can take part in the forum discussions, any vet registered with the vetsurgeon website can view our information pages. We encourage all members to actively take part in the discussions and it is not just for “advanced” queries – if you have read an interesting article or book, then let us know. Through your interactions, we can work together to fulfil our purpose of education and promoting veterinary dentistry and at the same time realising the benefits of being part an association.