The BVDA held possibly the world's first 2 stream Virtual Veterinary Dental Conference on 23/9/20, in conjunction with The Webinar Vet. The day was a great success with 169 delegates from 15 countries around the world live on the day, and another 100 (so far) registered to watch the recordings. The big advantage of a virtual 2 stream conference is that delegates can watch one stream live, and the recordings of the other stream later – or watch the whole recorded event at leisure, one presentation at a time.

The Keynote speaker was Professor Iain Chapple, head of the Birmingham Dental School, on the subject of the links between periodontal disease and systemic disease. He also presented on the current world classification of periodontal disease.

Other talks in the Essential stream covered dental examination, oral masses, malocclusions, radiology, case reports, surgical extractions, and an introduction to advanced dental procedures.

The Advanced stream presentations included canine chronic ulcerative stomatitis, the latest insights in companion animal oral health, TMJ research, hidden dangers within dental units, and oral histopathology.

The post event feedback was universally positive, based upon the smooth running of the program on the day, and the quality of both the speakers and their presentations. The BVDA is extremely grateful to all our speakers for making this Conference such a success.

Those who missed the event can still access all 13 hours of quality CPD at:- 

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